Daisy and Poppy

If you didn’t already know I have new twin sisters, Daisy and Poppy. They are soooooooo (X 100000000) cute! Here are Daisy and Poppy in emojis : 10 min ago 🙂 🙂 Now 😦 😦 noise: waaaaaaaaaa. If you want a real photo here are a couple.

Mummy With TwinsSinging Newborns

Daisy and PoppyCute Twins


(twinyboo twinyboo ) I thought I would do photo as well as emojis. If you want a slightly better post on the twins (according to Mat ~ she is my sister.) Here is a link to her post~ Hello Twins.

Right now Annie wants me to race her. TEN MIN LATER (pant) I’m back, Now, sometimes Dad lets me bottle feed them while Mummy rests. (they are mainly breastfed.) So if you’ll excuse me Mum is calling me by my worst nickname ( brucy – poocy ) to pick up Harry from Kindergarten. #why #yolo # the opposite of 😉

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The Lord of the Crumbs


The purple box of Pizza Shapes was empty.  Well, almost.



a box of yum yums that all want



“I want the crumbs” said Crumb Dolf.

“No I want the crumbs” said Food Crumbs.

“I know” said Foodo  “Whoever can back flip over a VOLCANO and burn the box 1st gets the crumbs”




They all said “OK.”  So everyone tried lots and lots of times to do a back flip (no success sadly 😦 ).  Anyway it was funny stupid silly hard.  They tried trampolines, pole vault, bikes with wings, BIG wings, and bars. Nothing worked, so they all said “let’s share them”


So that’s what they did.  When they got home, Gobble had eaten all the crumbs and said that they were his precious. (tee hee).  After all of the hard work Gobble ate the crumbs 😦  . Now all they could do was go to Mt. Super Market for a quest and they called it ‘ The Fellowship of the Crumbs’



“Come on!” 😉


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Cafe Review – Miss Frank

miss frank signMiss Frank is the BEST CAFE IN THE WORLD

I looooooooooooooooooooove to go there after early morning Mass (it’s nice and quick 🙂 )


Miss Frank is very cool and nice to look at,

teeny-weeny tablethere is a teeny- weeny itsi-bitsi table. I love it. Mum doesn’t. She says she can’t read the newspaper.  It’s like:

“There’s bigger ones with better chairs,”


“Comfy seats?”




(It happens every single time)

the PM is on the brink of the tiny table

the PM is on the brink of the tiny table

The toilets there are so clean, too!  Amazing, right?


I like the nutella on toast with bananas.

nutella on toast

Mum likes the breakfast bun with gluten-free bread.

Mum's breakfast

WAHWZERS :O (my uncle made that up(he’s so funny)) he he he HA HA HA! =  O

Service (so good!)

The Staff are so nice. To be honest I could live there. If you saw how fast they are, you would be astonished :O.(half an hour with your face like this :O) This is good because we need to get back home in time.


interior of cafe

5 out of 5 I can’t wait to go again

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mmmmexican mmmmmmix

:-O take a look at that

Mexican Mix (Mmmmm!)



Ingredients 🙂

good mince


Olive oil



different coulered capsicum




spring onion (in a bowl)

spring onion

tin tomato

any other vegetables you like


  1. chop vegetables

oil in a pan

2.  heat oil in pan

me browning mince

3.  brown mince

4.  remove from pan

capsicum and spices

5.  fry capsicum and spices

6.  add mince and tin tomato


7.  simmer on low heat

8.  cook rice

9.  add spring onion to mince

10,  serve with rice, corn chips and chili sauce 🙂

Mexican Mix (Mmmmm!)



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Tomatoes and Plums

Basket of different coloured tomatoes

We have tomatoes!   We grew them in our garden. We can pick them when they are green 🙂 Did you know, you can put the tomatoes in a warm place and they will go red?

red tomatoes in heart shape

OMG. Put them on toast for a lovely snack.

tomatoes on toast

Our neighbour gave us LOTS of plums.


We made plum jam. It is also good on toast. :-O

home made plum jam

I love garden food 🙂

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Mini Omelette

This is sooooo good for lunch. Here’s what it looks like:

Mini omelette

Yum and it only uses one egg (because my mum won’t let me use three 😦 )


1 egg

Cheese grated

small fillings  (I used ham and spinach 🙂 )

butter to grease pan

You will also need:

small pan*

small frying pan

*about this size



Stove dial on medium

1. put pan on medium heat


       butter on frypan                       

2. grease pan       


whipped egg                                                                                   

3. whip egg


egg poured on frypan

4.  put egg on pan

cheese on omelette

5. put cheese on egg (one half 🙂 )

filling on omelette

6. get all the filling on the cheese (don’t pile them up 🙂 )

folded omelette

7. fold the side without the stuff onto the other side

Mini omelette

8. take it out

9. ENJOY :-I 🙂

Note:  If you are hungry (and your mum isn’t mean), why not try with three eggs and a bigger pan?


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Hello! :D

Illustration of Bruce Bogtrotter

Hello! My name is Bruce Bogtrotter and I LOOOOOOOOVE food. In this blog I will do posts about: growing food, cooking food, buying food, food fails and eating food. I will also be posting about stuff that has nothing to do with food.

Hope you like it. 🙂

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